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Comprehesive Lifting Services from design to implementation

Safely, reliably and professionally


Reliable service since 1958

Comprehensive lifting services reliably with decades of experience.

Our comprehensive service package consists of the planning and professional execution of lifting work. We offer our customers a wide range of lifting and transport machinery with special equipment and devices. You can count on us for being a committed partner for all high-quality lifting and heavy lifting needs.

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    The total lifting capacity of our cranes.
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    With a comprehensive network of depots we serve our customers nationwide.
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    Our versatile fleet selection offers a solution for all lifting needs.
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    Our professional team takes care of efficient lifting for you.


To the heights safely and securely

Our vision is to be the safest and highest quality lifting company in Finland.

Our policy places safety first in all operations and decision making to strengthen a safe environment to everyone. We have prevented the risks of accidents, incidents and other activities that are harmful to health.

Our safety and quality policy

Ecological values guide our operations

Reducing the negative impact on the environment and the surroundings plays a huge role in our operations

Paying attention to the environment and the surroundings as well as decreasing the harmful impact environment are becoming more important in our business’ activities.

Explore our environmentally friendly options

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