Reliable lifting projects for various industries

We are available for versatile lifting in industry and the private sector in Finland and elsewhere in Northern Europe.

With the help of our project know-how, our customers can achieve the best end result – always professionally and cost-effectively. We also serve private customers.

We provide expert lifting services for the energy industry

Decades of experience from different aspects of energy industry.

Whether it has to do with power lines or power plants, we have the special know how and experience in all erection, maintenance or other types of special projects.

Our established position as a reliable provider of lifting services is a result of our uncompromised aspiration to deliver our customers the best lifting services in the industry.

E. Helaakoski Oy has a strong foot hold in the erection of Finland’s largest wind mills. For windpower, we are experienced in delivering services for foundations, pre-assemblies as well as windmill demolitions.

We can also be found on site in Pyhäjoki’s Hanhikivi1-project. We have also been working closely with other nuclear power plant construction projects in the past, suh as the Olkiluoto 3-plant.

Our services tailored to the needs of energy industry include lifts required for maintenance and erection of power lines, people lifting, and erection of power masts and construction of power stations / power plants.

It could be said that many places in Finland would be left without electricity if it hadn’t been for E. Helaakoski Oy to provide vital lifting services.

We are a strong partner in all modification, construction and maintenance tasks

Long term partnerships, flexible contracts and the fleet suitable for the task have been the main components on which our position in oil and gas industry’s demanding projects have been built.

Our lifting projects in the oil and gas industry have to a large extent been involved with annual maintenance of plants, as well as replacing various components during the extension, modification and construction phases of production plants.

From experience we can say that planning the projects together with the customer insures the smooth running of the operations from the start to the end.

Experienced lifting service provider for all needs in the construction industry

Construction industry makes up one of our largest customer segments. We provide lifting services to construction companies across Finland. Construction companies in the construction industry as well as builders in the private sector rely on our competence, expertise, and our high capacity cranes. Our customers have learnt to trust our flexibility and prompt schedules.

Our most typical services for the construction industry are

· Critical and complex lifts
· Lifting of people
· Lifts with telehandler
· Industrial lifts
· Lifting of construction elements
· Lifting of casts
· Lifting of steel elements
· Lifting of roof constructions
· Lifting of bridges and elements of thereof
· Transportation

Professional lifting for mining

E. Helaakoski Oy has provided expert lifting services for the majority of mining projects taken place in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Our expertise covers detailed planning of lifts, thorough execution of special lifts carried out according to industry’s extra requirements and our uncompromised commitment to safety regulations.

Committed partnership for special needs in the steel industry

E. Helaakoski Oy knows the challenging conditions of providing lifting services to the steel & metal industry. Our long-term partnerships have brought our customers stability in the long run and high degree of reliability in everyday operations.

We maintain one of the most versatile fleet of lifting machinery in the industry. With the high-capacity cranes, we can provide all critical and demanding lifting projects to our customers in the steel industry. We make sure that every detail is planned and followed with care.

The most typical lifting projects in the steel industry are lifting of heavy components, boilers, generators as well as versatile lifts for maintenance work of plants etc.

Carefully planned lifts guarantee continuity

E. Helaakoski Oy holds the most knowledgeable expertise when it comes to providing lifting services for the pulp and paper industry. By providing customer-oriented lifting service solutions tailored to the needs of the paper industry, we secure the continuous running of paper mill’s production.

Coordination of operations when heavy paper machines are lifted and moved, as well as during their maintenance work, requires vast expertise both in planning and executing the project. We have the most efficient machinery and best expertise of the industry to carry out lifting projects in the field of paper industry.


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