Versatile comprehensive lifting services

We offer our customers a wide range of comprehensive lifting services from planning to implementation.

Projects are our special area of expertise. When planning the lifts, computed lifting models are used. This way the correct machinery can be determined without wasting valuable resources.

Every project is carefully planned.

For all demanding lifts, a lifting plan is prepared and carefully evaluated together with the customer.

Lifting plans include all safety measures needed to be taken into consideration when operating with demanding lifts. With planning software, we can count for all necessary calculations for the right equipment.

With 3D and CAD planning software, we can count for all necessary calculations

In demanding projects the lifting plans are made in 3D.

We can count for all necessary calculations including rigging, hooking, load and surrounding conditions. 3D + CAD planning software creates an accurate, true-to-life lifting situation and presents it in an informative way that is as close to the reality as possible. Even multiple crane lifting situations can be presented visually in a single lifting plan.

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