Multitalents for versatile lifting

Four-wheel-driven and four-wheel-steered telescopic handlers are true all-rounders for any lifting work. Due to their small size and exceptional lifting capacity they are suitable for diverse lifting.

With telescopic booms loads can be lifted up to 25 meters. Lifting capacity of telehandlers can be up to 4 tons. Using a jib, lifting height can be increased even further. Telehandlers can be used on diverse terrain making it extremely flexible for many construction sites or other use. Ideal use for a telehandler is in lieu of a conventional forklift when the lift is out of the forklift’s reach. The most common attachment for a telehandler is a pallet fork.

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Our telehandlers

Telehandlers lifting capacity 3 800–4 999 kg
Manitou MRT 2150 IILift capacity 4 999 kgLifting height 20,60 mMax. reach 18,10 mHeight 3,02 mDriving width 2,43 mWeight 16 095 kgDownload brochure
Manitou MT 1440Lift capacity 4 000 kgLifting height 14,00 mMax. reach 9,38 mHeight 2,45 mDriving width 2,38 mWeight 10 800 kgDownload brochure
Manitou MT 1840 A ILift capacity 4 000 kgLifting height 17,55 mMax. reach 13,80 mHeight 2,50 mDriving width 2,40 mWeight 11 380 kgDownload brochure
Manitou MRT 2540 IILift capacity 4 000 kgLifting height 24,60 mMax. reach 18,50 mHeight 3,02 mDriving width 2,43 mWeight 17 165 kgDownload brochure
Merlo Roto 38.16 SLift capacity 3 800 kgLifting height 15,70 m Max. reach 13,00 mHeight 2,85 mDriving width 2,24 mWeight 12 080 kgDownload brochure
Bobcat T41.140SLP 75

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