Lifting services from planning to implementation

We serve our customers always in all-encompassing and thorough way from receiving the order to executing the project.

Every project is carefully planned and for all demanding lifts a lifting plan is prepared. We take every measure to make sure all lifting operations are both safe and efficient. Our professional staff handles all lifting needs from the planning stage to the implementation.

Comprehensive service

Comprehensive lifting solutions from planning to execution. Projects are our special area of expertise.

We take every measure to make sure all lifting operations are both safe and efficient.

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Hand signals at lifting projects


A signal person is required when the point of operation is not in full view of the operator, the operator’s view is obstructed in the direction the equipment is traveling, either the operator or the person handling the load determines that a signal person is needed because of site-specific safety concerns.


Hand signals must be clear and understandable.

If a dedicated signal person is used, he/she must have a visual or radio contact both with the crane operator and the working area. Signal person must be named individually and he/she must know the commonly used signals.


Employees should be taught on the meaning of hand signals used in the workplace.

Hand signals must be accurate, simple, large-scale, easy to present and clearly distinguishable from other similar signs. The signal person must be able to observe all activities visually without being endangered by his task.

Lähde: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Download the commonly used hand signals

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