Registrar name and address

E. Helaakoski Oy
VAT number: FI07205770
Postal address: PL 2, FI-92101 Raahe, FINLAND

Contact person: Daniel Estabrook
Email: daniel.estabrook(a)
Tel: +358 40 674 2745


Register name

Customer register

Recruiting register


Purpose of personal data processing

Customer register: Processing offer requests, sales, acquiring required additional information.

Recruiting register: Recruitment process, contacting applicants and making recruitment decisions.


Register data content

Contact form and request for offer include the following:

– Name and organization
– Phone number
– Email
– Information on the project

Recruitment form includes the following:

– Name
– Address
– Phone number
– Email
– Other voluntary information filled in by applicant / CV


Regular sources of data

Feedback / contact emails, requests for offer and recruitment emails received via E. Helaakoski Oy:s webpages. Emails sent to the company email addresses.


Principles of data file protection

All personal data is stored electronically. The recorded data is processed confidentially and only by those employees who are authorised to do so by virtue of their job description.

The data is used only in the extent that is required, for e.g. contacting upon request, providing an offer or recruitment purposes.

Personal data is kept for 2 years from the initial date of receiving.

Data from the register is not transferred outside EU or EEA.

The provider of the web hosting service is responsible of protecting the data on their servers according to general data protection regulations.

Manual files are kept in locked premises in a way that unauthorized people do not have access to them. The files are not kept in generally accessible premises.

Electronically recorded data in the registers is protected in a cyber secure way in a way that only authorized personnel can access them. The data can be accessed only with personal user name and password. Use of information systems is monitored, and user credentials are available only to those who need them by virtue of their job description. User credentials are withdrawn when the user is no longer authorized to access the data (change of job description, end of employment etc.)


Right of access, erasure and right to refuse

Every person that has provided their information has the right to review the data concerning them and to demand the rectification of potentially erroneous information or completion of incomplete information.If an individual wish to review the data concerning them or demand rectification, the request must be sent, in writing, to E. Helaakoski Oy.If required, the requester may be asked to provide proof of their identity.

The register holder has to, without unnecessary delay, spontaneously or by demand of the registered individual, correct, erase or complete the data in register in the case that it is erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated.


Other rights related to personal data processing

All registered data is confidential. Data is only handed over in case of explicit consent from the registered person or required by law.


Informing about security breaches

The register holder informs supervising authority of any security breaches if there is a risk of violating one’s personal rights.

Personal data security breaches are informed to supervising authority without unnecessary delay and within 72 hours when applicable from the time the register holder has found out about the breach.

Personal data security breaches are informed to registered, if there is a high risk of violating their personal rights.


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