• Access platforms

Our selection of reliable and safe access platforms covers virtually all purposes.

When lifting people safely, the best choice is an access platform that is especially designed for the use. There are several different types of access platforms depending of their purpose. Our selection of access platforms can be used for safe working of up to 42 meters. There is usually enough room for two persons to work on the platform at one time.

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Types of access platforms

Boom lifts are designed for diverse people lifting due to their revolving base. Boom lifts are either diesel engine or battery powered. As they are four-wheel-driven (4WD) or tracked they can easily be used on diverse grounds.

Trailer mounted scissor lifts
are extremely light weight and can easily be towed to a work site. Since they are AC-powered, they have no driving capabilities. With the help of hydraulic outriggers they can be used on inclined planes.

Self-propelled scissor lifts are self-powered access platforms intended for outdoor and indoor use. They move in a direct vertical direction. Depending on the model some baskets allow for some horizontal movement. More working space can be attained with basket extensions. Depending on the model scissor lifts can be either diesel engine or battery powered. Scissor lifts with non-marking white tires can be used when working indoors.

Please note that renting building machinery without operator is not applicable with the reverse VAT charge.


Choosing a suitable access platform

Consider the properties mentioned below or negotiate with an expert, which type of access platform is best suitable to your lifting project.

Consider these properties:

  • purpose and duration of the work
  • maximum load (people + materials)
  • needed working height
  • needed working reach
  • indoor or outdoor use
  • motive power (A/C, battery, IC engine)
  • ground flatness and carrying capacity
  • access to worksite (doorways etc.)
  • need to move the crane onsite
  • amount and measures of the materials lifted on the platform
  • need to use electronic appliances

To be on the safe side, choose a slightly bigger machine than you think you need. An indoor machine may not in any situation be used outdoors.

Our access platforms: