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sähkökäyttöinen mobiilinosturi

Pictured Tadano AC 4.080-1 at Tadano factory in Germany 25.1.2023

Finland’s first electric cranes in our fleet!

We are receiving our first electric mobile crane in February. The crane in question is Tadano AC 4.080-1 equipped with E-Pack. The E-Pack enables fully electric lifting powered through 63A or 32A connection. Later this year our selection of electric cranes will also include another Tadano AC 4.080-1 as well as a Tadano AC 3.045-1 City, both equipped with E-Pack.

Benefits of the E-Pack:

  • emission free
  • low noise
  • possibility to lower carbon footprint

We can offer our customers emission free lifting and help them reach their goals in having a reduced carbon footprint on site. Electric cranes are also a great choice for indoor lifting, where the benefits of no emissions and lower noise level can easily be experienced.

For us at E. Helaakoski Oy, taking the environment and our surroundings into consideration when making investment decisions is crucial. We are looking into more sustainable and environmentelly friendly solutions. We want to be pioneers in our field and take steps towards a smaller carbon footprint.

View our selection of electric cranes here.

Summary of the electric mobile cranes:

Tadano AC 4.080-1Lift capacity 80 tMain boom 60,00 mBoom extension 6,50 m
Tadano AC 4.080-1Lift capacity 80 tMain boom 60,00 m
Tadano AC 3.045-1 CityLift capacity 45 tMain boom 31,20 mBoom extension 13,00 m

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Last year’s addition to our heavy cranes, mobile crane Tadano AC 7.450-1. Watch the video to learn more.

Tadano AC 7.450-1

Tadano AC 7.450-1Lift capacity 450 tMain boom 80,00 m Boom extension 81,00 m Download brochure

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