Finland’s first Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 for E. Helaakoski Oy!

E. Helaakoski Oy has received a brand new rough terrain crane, Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1!


This is the first rough terrain crane with a 100 tonne lifting capacity in Finland.

2-axles, Variobase and enhanced safety features make this crane agile and versatile. Small, yet gigantic, we are excited to welcome this extraordinary addition to our fleet.

This rough terrain crane is featuring ECOmode to minimize fuel consumption and noise emissions. Variobase allows for more flexibility, and enables for this crane to perform even in tight spaces.

The LRT crane design has many added safety features. Great visibility from the cabin, built-in monitors and a simple, easy-to-use operating system.

Send inquiries to [email protected] or call +358 424 9821.


Technical data:

LRT 1100-2.1


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